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has a shan't criminal history. -- has a significant criminal history, recently in our jurisdiction and another state. that information will be available through our press information officer in written format for you to report. more is going to come in this investigation in the coming days. as i alluded to just a minute ago, we know that community members who witnessed this incident helped us put pieces of the puzzle together and ultimately find out why this occurred. it's for us to learn what occurred and how could we prevent this from happening in
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the future. it's also to help us learn to train internally as to what we can do to better equip ourselves to protect the citizens of this community. and lastly, it's to bring to or what would have been the ultimate prosecution of the suspect responsible in this case. [ stand for captions [ transitioning capsers ]
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we want to speak to every single person that has something to help us gain and understanding of what happened yesterday. the other contact is a monday through friday 8:00 to 5:00 telephone number. 831-454-2311. i'm gonna take some very brief questions now. [the question is inaudible] >> he's been with the department for decades and was eligible to retire but i don't know what his intentions were.
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[the question is inaudible] >> the purpose of our question is to find out which weapons he used. at the scene of his death, he possessed three weapons. both officers were unharm armed -- unarmed when they were found at the doorstep and we believe he took their weapons after his altercation with them. [the question is inaudible] we're still in the process of looking at the weapons we recovered. it is our believe that two of the three weapons that he possessed at the scene of his death belonged to the santa cruz police department but we haven't confirmed that completely. [the question is inaudible] >> it was a standard vest. we're trying to determine where that vest came from. there is a possibility that it came from standard police
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equipment that was either in officer baker's car or on one of the other officer's or he possessed it on his own. that will be determined today and should be available for release tomorrow. [inaudible] >> the criminal history i have on mr. goulet, he had been taken into custody for misdemeanor public intoxication for the last week. again, the officers were investigating misdemeanor conduct that was alleged by gou gou-- goulet. >> can you confirm -- >> you've been listening live to a press conference in santa cruz with the city's mayor, the city's police chief and the county sheriff. talking about yesterday's fatal shooting of two police officers as well as the death of the
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suspected gunman. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live from the newsroom with a summary of some of the new information that we've learned in the press conference. >> right. of course, this was an emotional news conference hearing from the police chief today. moments ago, we're hearing these new details from the sheriff of santa cruz county and some of them are just chilling about what happened yesterday when these two detectives, police detectives, went to check out what the sheriff described as a misdemeanor case of sexual assault, a situation the sheriff said they did not expect that it would be in any significant danger. of course, that comment is made with the caveat that officers working the street understand that at all times there's a chance that their lives are in danger. but in this particular case, the sheriff suggested that they weren't especially worried about going out to check out this man, 35-year-old jeremy goulet. the sheriff says that they were killed at his doorstep and that
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upon further investigation, there had been witness statements that weren't rerelayed to -- relayed to the detectives that he was distraught, that he might hurt others. that he had three handguns and body armor before he was chased down, and caught and then waves the law enforcement came to the scene after the shooting. earlier we heard from the santa cruz police chief who talked about this case. chief vogel said his small department is reeling from this terrible loss. >> it's been devastating. there's absolutely no words for me to adequately describe for you what my department has been going through since yesterday afternoon. >> and the chief went on to talk about the officers, butch baker and elizabeth butler. here's more what he had to say. >> i had a special relationship
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with butch. he and i started with the department at the same time. we worked as partners together back in the early 1990s. we worked well together. we were close. we were good friends. we worked a lot of cases together. detective elizabeth butler has been with the department for the last ten years. she worked in patrol as a police officer. she was assigned to our narcotics task force for a period of time and then became a detective in this investigation section and found her niche in the case of sexual assault cases. that's where her expertise really lied. that's the type of case that she was investigating yesterday when this tragic event happened. >> when it comes to butch baker, the sheriff said this investigation, the contact they were making with the suspect yesterday is something that he
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had done thousands of times. after the two detectives were shot and killed, investigators believe that butch baker's vehicle was stolen but the suspect jeremy goulet was not able to leave the immediate area because of that overwhelming response from law enforcement. in fact, at some point there was an exchange of gunfire where citizens were actually in the street. there was even a unit from the santa cruz fire department that was there. their fire truck took bullets in that dunnfight went on. moments ago we heard from the sheriff who talked about the sacrifice that these two officers made investigating this case. >> there's no doubt in any one's mind that the officer -- in anyone's mind that the officers stopped an imminent threat to the community sand neutralized that problem -- and
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neutralized that problem and protected those people they were sworn to protect. >> the sheriff is encouraging other witnesses who saw what happened, may have recorded video to come forward and they them understand exactly what happened. more comments we'll be going through throughout the day. back to you, tori. >> thank you. santa cruz, obviously still reeling from the shooting death of their two police officers. for the first time we're hearing from the suspect who describes his son as a ticking time bomb. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from santa cruz where the press conference just wrapped up. it must have been a very somber event to be there. >> reporter: yeah, it's a somber mood here. we've seen a lot of people coming up to that police station here and crying. as you see, this news conference just ended. you see a lot of the media in front of here. this press conference as you heard what eric just reported, they revealed what led up to the shooting. one of the things that came out of this news conference is that
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the police and sheriff departments, they are calling for those people who got video of this shootout, let them know. it will help them. this took place at branciforte avenue and doyle investigating. authorities say sergeant loran "butch" baker and elizabeth butler were killed after going into the home on branciforte where 35-year-old jeremy goulet lived of the officers were in plain -- lived. the officers were in plain clothes. both officers were shot and a suspect believed to be jeremy goulet fled. while searching the neighborhood, officers located jeremy goulet who they say opened fire. there was a shootout which left goulet dead. the sheriff's spokesman talked about what happened after the officers were fatally shot. >> both detectives were killed at the doorstep of jeremy
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goulet's home following the detectives' individual murders, they were disarmed by goulet and their -- detective baker's vehicle was stolen by goulet. >> reporter: now, the death of sergeant baker and detective butler has sent shock waves through the community and law enforcement agencies. both were veterans of the department. baker was with the force for 28 years and leaves behind a wife, two daughters and a son with the department. butler was with the department for ten years and leaves behind her par net and two young sons -- partners and two young sons. the officers were wearing a black band across badges as a sign of mourning when they went to visit the families of these victims. >> it's very, very tragic and
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unfortunate. we're praying for the officers that lost their lives. anything we can do, again, as a city and as a department to support santa cruz that's what we'll do. >> no additional suspects are being sought in this case. we're learning more about jeremy goulet. the santa cruz sentinel is reporting he was a barrista at a cafe at the santa cruz harbor and was fired on saturday. officers say he broke into a coworker's home and tried to assault her. he was arrested on friday and then was released on bail. we went to the kind grind coffee shop this morning where the manager told us police asked him not to comment on the incident. there are grief counselors that will be made available to all of the officers here at the santa cruz police department. officers are not working today but they want the public to rest assured that the city of santa cruz is being guarded. they are having the santa cruz sheriff -- santa cruz county sheriff's department as well as
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the california patrol taking over duties for them while they are in mourning. we'll have more on this investigation from several reporters from ktvu channel 2 news coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live from santa cruz, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the people of santa cruz are mourning the deaths of two officers. a memorial outside of the police station has been growing. people have been stopping by with candles, flowers, even cookies. one woman said she knew officer loran "butch" baker and enjoyed talking to him. >> butch had a wicked sense of humor. he was fun to talk to. he was so sweet, you know, being married to his wife for all of those years, he still had a crush on her. it was too cute. >> reporter: how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm still in shock. >> i'm devastated. it hurts.
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it hurts deep. i didn't know them personally but i love santa cruz pd i think they are already terribly understaffed and not supported by the courts. this is just tragic. >> the police station lobby remains closed. flacks are flying at half staff overhead. the flag was repositioned over the clock and will remain at half staff until after the funeral services for the officers. we have more details on the man suspected of shooting those two police officers. investigators say jeremy goulet was found with body armor after the shootout with police. we just learned that information. he also had an extensive criminal history. he was convicted in or -- in oregon of a sex crime after secretly videotaping a woman in
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the shower. while attending sexual assault treatment, he went back to jail after a confrontation with his parole officer. he moved to santa cruz a few months ago. he was arrested last friday accused of breaking into a coworker's home and accused of assaulting her. on jeremy goulet's facebook page he said he was happy in santa cruz. coworkers and a roommate describes him as unstable and weird. he was arrested in oregon for videotaping a women, he reportedly fired shots. we'll have more information at you can also find more on the press conference at the hot topics section on the front page. pg&e crews are working on a gas leak. emergency crews from the police and fire department and pg&e are still out at turk and larkin streets. that's just outside of the
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federal building. however, there have been no evacuations. we talked with pg&e a few minutes ago. they say this is a low-pressure line leak first noticed around 10:30 when gas began to leak from under the street. the gas has been turned off as a precaution. coming up in a few minutes, the major announcement from pg&e on fixing infrastructure in san francisco. there is a huge cleanup in san francisco after a water main break. it happened in the west portal area of 15th avenue and winona street. claudine wong joins us live from the scene and still a lot of activity going on. >> reporter: that's right. it's still a mess. on one side you have homeowners. they are trying to dig through mud and the mess that's been left behind and take a look over here. you can see crews trying to get to the bottom of what happened. what you are looking at is that 16-inch water main that broke this morning. it caused a sinkhole but right
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now they are trying to dig it up and just get access to it because you can't fix it if you can't get to it. take a look at these incredible pictures as water went rushing down at 2:30 a.m. this man had water in his house and his car was submerged. >> the water got as high as the windows and the alarm started to go off. >> reporter: once water got to bo. to of the -- to bottom of the hill, it started to rise in people's homes and cars. this woman's son was asleep when he awoke to the son of rushing water. >> my son upstairs start crying for his stuff and everything. >> reporter: how old is your son? >> 14. >> reporter: crews got on scene as the sun began to rise and the homes began to fall. 23 homes and 12 arizona were damaged by the water and the --
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cars were damaged by the water. >> everything here was in a stationary place but the water came up so high that it tipped everything over and the refrigerator tipped over and it was full. it just tipped everything over. >> reporter: it was that high. >> it was floating, yes. and all of the trash cans were floating. >> reporter: the damage was not just above ground. it was below. the earth underneath this asphalt swept away by the force of the all right. that right -- by the force. >> we're making sure that the repairs get done. that will be our primary focus and worry about the bill afterwards. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see the heavy machinery in place as they try to clear the debris from this sinkhole and get to the pipes in question to try to figure out what caused this. they tell me this pipe wasn't the pipe that delivered to the
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water to the homes. so everyone except for one homeowner does have water on back now. again, a mess and cleanup is gonna take a while. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. pg&e announced this morning it's going to invest more than a billion dollars in its gas and electric infrastructure. new at noon, ktvu's brian flores tells us how the money will be spent and what it means for people living in the city. brian? >> reporter: hi, tori. good afternoon to you. yeah, pg&e and mayor lee are excited about the announcement. they are praising this saying not only will it improve the aging infrastructure but it will create jobs. now, the ceo, tony early, made the announcement at the san francisco chamber of commerce breakfast. they will invest $1.2 billion over the next five years to inprove the aging infrastructure including new
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high-voltage lines, replacing lines and they say this will be a model throughout the state. >> this will be a model of how government and the private sector can partner together to identify needs and then have a comprehensive plan rather than having us working on things that are important that we think and the city and state working on things that they thing are important and their mays a mismatch there. >> reporter: this announcement comes comes after failures. in 2003, there was an outage and then when the electricity went out at candlestick park. mayor lee addressed the water main break. >> while accidents happen, we can certainly prevent many of them from happening. i do know for a fact that one of the motivations that i have
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now as the mayor, we have to prepare as the beg next big disaster. this is a lesson we learn time and time again. >> reporter: now, company officials didn't say how many jobs will be created but said many workers will gain skills that will benefit them throughout the state for decades to come. there are plans to reduce the amount of electrical outages. while some are praising this announce machine, others are critical especially when it comes to green power. coming up at 0:00 and 6:00, tom vacar will have more on this story. brian flores, back to you. well, it's shaping up to be another beautiful day. a lot of sunshine out there. you may have noticed a few high clouds moving into the region, about two, three hours ago. here's our live camera looking outside. you can see all of the sunshine. temperatures on track to reach the mid- to upper 60s.
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maybe a little bit, a touch cooler than yesterday's highs. right now in the satellite, clear skies up above but some clouds and even some rain showers approaching the north coast out towards eureka, not there just yet but they could be picking up more cloud cover as we head into the afternoon hours. our temperatures have been warming up steadily after the cool start. already in the 60s out towards antioch and livermore. santa rosa, 62. downtown san francisco in the upper 50s at 58. for today, a few high clouds. we'll warm things up for thursday and friday. friday will be the warmest day of the week. saturday and sunday will be cooler. between now and then, high pressure in full command of our weather,ing the storm track up to the north. as a result, no rainfall in our forecast, you will notice for thursday and friday, mild temperatures, mostly sunny skies, at least by friday, we're talking about some lower 70s, around 72 to 74 degrees as we say hello to march on march
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1st. here is our cloud and rainfall forecast model. a few high clouds throughout the afternoon hours. another batch first thing tomorrow morning, you will notice rain showers up to the north. pretty much the same deal throughout the day on thursday. our next chance of some rain, that could be about a week from now. the latest forecast models is kind of converging toward that idea. we'll be watching out for that in about a week from today. the first thing in the morning hours of wednesday morning next week. temperatures this afternoon, upper 50s to low to mid-60s even a few upper 60s out there. still mild out there. san jose, 67. and san mateo 65. a look ahead at your five-day forecast. you will notice this -- fair skies and friday march 1 isst, we put -- march 1st, we put a 73 there. we begin to cool it off on saturday with more cloud cover and even into sunday as well. but still not too cold mainly in the lower 60s. we could be tracking rain
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showers. that could be changing but a weak front today. we could be dodging some raindrops. >> thank you, mark. >> sure. still ahead -- why stocks are souring today and alex smith may soon be an ex-49er. the story -- ahead.
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stocks are souring due to the latest evidence the housing market is recovering, also some reassuring comments by congress -- from congress by ben
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bernanke. the dow is back above 14,000, up 200 right now. the nasdaq is also 1.50, and s&p is up 22. i continue for prayers ask each of you to pray for me and for the new pope. >> pope benedict xvi delivered his public farewell address earlier today to a huge crowd in vatican city. he thanked his flock for respecting his decision to retire. pope benedict xvi will live south of rome. several news outlets are reporting that the 49ers have traded quarterback alex smith to the kansas city thieves. the chiefs will receive a second-round trip and. this is not until until march 12th. today at 5:00, we're following. deaths of two santa cruz police
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officers. we just brought you the news conference thatp wered up a short time -- that wrapped up a short time ago and we're digging for more on the shooting suspect, jeremy goulet, as well as what we've learned about the officers who died in line of duty. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu.

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